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Ava and her Weimaraner “Frau Fruggel”

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

About Ava

Ava was born in Starnberg into an old established artists family and got her passion for art into her cradle. Currently, she is based in Berlin, available for requests worldwide. New York is her most beloved traveling aim, and you can meet her a lot of times in the year in this inspiring city.

Ava studied graphic design and photography at University and was working some years as the Art Director of an internationally monthly printed lifestyle magazine based in the USA. After being back more in Berlin, she got the position as Freelance Art Director for a company with several Beauty Brands who producing exclusively for Douglas. 

After doing this for several years, combining being an Art Director, mother of twins and freelancing as a photographer, she decided in 2018 to finally fully focus her work on photography. It is and always has been her biggest passion. In her primary thirties, it feels like the best decision to single-mind now on the work as a Photographer.

Her work as Photographer is published high-frequency in Magazines like L`Officiel, ELLE, Vogue, Male Model Scene, Client, Stern, Schön and many, many more. Ava`s Photography Clients are based worldwide and have a range from fashion brands, beauty-companies to actors & actresses. She worked with Actors like Barnaby Metschurat, Jan-Josef Liefers, Ashley Tisdale, Manuel Cortez, Almila Bagriacik and musicians like Reinhard Mey, Tyron Ricketts, Sero for only name a few.

Her passion for photography started a while ago with her love for horses. As her first career as professional horse sports rider and sitting on the horse back before she done her first steps it was a clear decision when Ava started out with photography - still analog photography - that she specialized on taking pictures of horses. After her first campaign job for Rolex and being on the Olympic Games as a sports photographer, she decided to work on more different parts of photography than horses & horse sport and added the work with people & fashion.

Today her work is focused on fashion, beauty and portrait photography and she loves shooting men & menswear and worked with a lot of the famous faces in the industry. Over the last 2 years, she got a pro in the part of shooting eyewear and got thrilled with this topic, to create strong portraits and handling the light in this difficult game of reflections. Together with this mission Ava found her passion for Beauty Shootings and is strong in building her skills.